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Shane Masters is an American Country music singer- songwriter from the Mountains of Appalachia. It's with heart driven writing, bold story telling, and an emotional delivery that Shane grabs his audience's attention. No stranger to the art of song crafting Shane's songs come from honest life experiences. His engaging stories and country music melodies are the best this genre has to offer! Shane has found inspiration in great artists like Merle Haggard, Travis Tritt, Garth Brooks, Tyler Childers, Sturgill Simpson, and many more! His live performances bring to life the culmination of the raw emotions of the lyrics and the power of his soul shaking vocals. His debut singles set to release in 2021 will have you on your feet on the nearest dance floor either slow dancing to one of the most beautiful love songs ever written in "Meant To Be" or shaking what you've got to the upbeat country swing of "Old Country"! Whether performing his own music on a big stage, or playing covers all night at a local bar, the effect this man has is undeniable!


I hail from Morgantown, WV.  I grew up a few miles outside of town near the state line. My mother always said my singing voice came from her.  


I remember first singing along with Garth Books on the radio at my parents house, I would belt out "Shameless" so loud the neighbors likely heard.


I got my first guitar when I was twelve or thirteen, after that I was glued to it. I'm not totally sure when I started writing songs. Although I'm pretty sure I wrote "Gravel Roads" when I was fourteen or fifteen. I recorded "Gravel Roads" with another band by the name of Route 73. Shortly after, the band parted ways and nothing was ever done with the recording.


 I was your classic case of boy goes to school, boy doesn't apply himself, boy gets kicked out and ends up doing what his daddy does. I was on a construction site learning my father's trade helping finish concrete, when I should've been in the tenth grade. For anyone who doesn't know, concrete is very hard work!

I kept playing music all through my teenage years, even though most of the time I had a full time job working for my father's construction company as a laborer. When I turned eighteen I entered the OPCMIA as a journeyman cement mason. I tried to juggle playing in a band, working in the union and chasing girls, which I found to be very difficult. 


 Ten months into my 20th year of life my son was born. I wanted to be what he and everyone needed me to be so I thought it best to put music aside and focus on being a decent provider. I never dreamed I could provide with my music. 

 So began my long hiatus from music. I dabbled for a few years but eventually sold my only guitar and quit completely. Mean while I married the girl of my dreams. We had a daughter and my wife ended up being the most awesome mother and bonus parent I could've hoped for! I went through the motions, going to work, paying the bills and I fell into a habit trap. "Years flew by without my mind!", I had no idea what the future had in store!



 I honestly thought the sun had set on any chance of me ever playing music again, I didn't even sing along to the radio. I just did what I thought was right. And in some weird way I think it was the right thing, like it was meant to be that way!


Fast forward many years >>>

 Fourth of July "2017" I had an enlightening moment at a party thanks to Crockett. Shortly after, I began to have the urge to play music again. I fell in love with the song "Whiskey and You" by Chris Stapleton. I couldn't wait to learn to play it! So I did. Then I learned to play another song & soon after I wrote a song of my own. I was finally exercising this muscle that I had lost touch with, and through it I fell back in love with life.


 I played some open mics after a couple months of practice and people really seemed to enjoy what I was doing. I had seen some friends take solo shows to bars and festivals with success, making new friends and money. So after a talk with my wife and nine months of rehearsal I played my first gig on "April 20th 2018". It took place at a little pub in Fairmont WV. They gave me a chance because a good friend was kind enough to share his stage with me as an audition. I'm still very grateful to him to this day.

 With a little help I was on my way. I became more motivated to find little pubs, and clubs that host live music. I began to get really busy with many return customers, finding myself with multiple monthly gigs. My first month was like 3 gigs, then 5, and from then on it was every weekend and many months with 15+  gigs. I got very busy practicing my craft, cultivating a love and devotion to it.


 Writing songs again had a huge impact on me, many life lessons have come to me through my songs. My songs and other writings are from my heart. 

 I may have a bit of a checkered past, and I've made my fair share of mistakes but I don't regret one because they made me who I am today! I'm doing my best now in the later part of my life to live out the lessons within my songs. I hope when I share how my life has blossomed, someone out there relates with the lyrics and they touch their heart and help them heal the way they have helped me! 

Thanks for listening

Shane Masters

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How I Got Here

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