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"Perfectly Arranged" is a single released in July 2021, and then re-released on the album "Meant To Be" in 2023! It held #1 on 93.7 WRGG Green Castle PA, for 4 weeks in a row!
The music video currently sits at #1 on Airplay Express's worldwide music video chart!

    Shane Masters is an American Country music singer/songwriter from the Mountains of Appalachia. 

It's with heart driven writing, bold story telling, and an emotional delivery that Shane grabs his audience's attention. Shane's songs come from honest life experiences. His engaging stories and country music melodies are the best this genre has to offer! 

Shane has found inspiration in great artists like Merle Haggard, Travis Tritt, Garth Brooks, Tyler Childers, Sturgill Simpson, and many more!

Named 2021's "Male Artist Of The Year" On Hugs Unsigned artists show 93.7 WRGG Green Castle PA!

Charted on many radio stations around the world!

Featured on the Ya Jagoff! podcast KDKA News Radio 100.1FM 1020AM (Voted Pittsburgh's Best Podcast!), and Super Sound Radio based out of Scotland. 

Old Country Held #1 on 93.7 WRGG Unsigned Artists Show for 2 weeks! 

Perfectly Arranged held #1 on 93.7 WRGG Hugs Unsigned Artists Show 4 Weeks in a row!

Josie Music 8th Annual Awards Nominations 2022: "Single Of The Year", "Meant To Be" & "Artist Of The Year"

Platinum Record Award On "Airplay Express" for the worldwide radio release of "Meant To Be"

--Amiee Bicanich Turak, Morgantown WV

"That song hit me the first moment I heard it. Made me feel like, hey man I'm just exactly how I should be. I was arranged by Gods hands, so it must be right! Take it or leave it. Very powerful tune!"

Listen to "Perfectly Arranged"

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