Coming Soon "Perfectly Arranged" Release date TBA


The Shane Masters Band is an ever changing, always evolving group of individuals who are dedicated to bringing the songs that Shane has written to life!

 In early November 2020 Shane and three other band mates headed to Zone 8 Recording, (a local studio here in Morgantown WV) for a session that just might be pure magic! 

In the Studio Getting it done!


This is a Facebook message I received after playing it live!

Set for release in early 2021 the highly anticipated single "Perfectly Arranged" is an acoustic version of the song that includes these very talented members of The Shane Masters Band! 


Cagan Goldstein- Keys


Dalton Kendig- Fiddle


Cheryl Jae- Backup Vocals


Shane Masters- Lead Vocal

Shane Masters


Cagan Goldstein

Cheryl Jae

Dalton Kendig