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Meant To Be and Old Country are Instant Classic's!

Perfectly Arranged maybe the most beautiful song ever written.

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Meant To Be Lyric Video

Meant To Be Was recorded in July 2020 at Zone 8 Studios in Morgantwon WV, Producer Mark Poole did the final Mix!


Thank You Mark for all your hard work on this project and for putting up with me and all of my indecisiveness. 


A very special thank you to all of you amazing musicians who helped to make Meant To Be what it is! 

Musical Composition/Lyrics/Vocals/Rhythm Guitar:

Shane Masters

Keyboard: Cagan GoldStein

Bass: Joe Dalton

Drums Casey Dalton

Lead Guitar: Tyler Lash

Lead Guitar: Mark Poole

Old Country

Old Country Was also recorded in July 2020 at Zone 8 Studios in Morgantown WV, Producer Mark Poole did the final Mix! 

Thanks again Mark for all the work producing and mixing this one, not to mention all the guitar work in both! I'm forever grateful for all your many  talents! 

A very special thank you to all the wonderful musicians who had a part in this project!

Musical Composition/Lyrics/Lead Vocals/Rhythm Guitar:

Shane Masters

Back up Vocals: Cheryl Jae

Keyboard: Cagan Goldstein

Bass: Joe Dalton

Drums: Casey Dalton

Fiddle: Dalton Kendig

Mandolin: Trent Greene

Lead Guitar: Mark Poole

Perfectly Arranged

 Perfectly Arranged was recorded in Nov 2020,  our beloved producer Mark Poole had mistakenly made an appointment for us to come in a couple days before this imaginary appointment Mark emailed me asking me what all we would be recording, My first thought was well I didn't have anything in mind because I didn't schedule this. But we had been playing Perfectly Arranged out at the pubs with great response from the fans. 

 So we went through with the first appointment and got it done.. 

A huge thank you to all the amazing musicians that were a part of this project!

Shane Masters: Lead Vocals/Rhythm guitar/Lyrics

Cheryl Jae: Harmonies 

Cagan Goldstein: Keys

Dalton Kendig: Violin

Gravel Roads Coming August 2021!
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