Male Artist Of The Year!!!


Perfectly Arranged Held the #1 Spot For 4 Weeks in a Row!!

Thank You Greencastle PA for all your support! This is our second Number 1 Hit at Hugs WRGG! Old Country Held it for 2 weeks!

Winner of  2021 "Male Artist Of The Year" Mr. Shane Masters!

" I couldn't believe I had won, I fully expected it to go to Chris Darlington. My heart skipped a beat on this one! This is the first award I have won and I'm hoping It's not the last! Thanks for all your support from the bottom of my heart"!

Thank you to 93.7 WRGG and the entire Hugs community! Thanks for all your votes out there! Thank you to my band, past and present! None of this happens without you guys! 

Shane Masters is an American Country music singer- songwriter from the Mountains of Appalachia. It's with heart driven writing, bold story telling, and an emotional delivery that Shane grabs his audience's attention. No stranger to the art of song crafting Shane's songs come from honest life experiences. His engaging stories and country music melodies are the best this genre has to offer! Shane has found inspiration in great artists like Merle Haggard, Travis Tritt, Garth Brooks, Tyler Childers, Sturgill Simpson, and many more! His live performances bring to life the culmination of the raw emotions of the lyrics and the power of his soul shaking vocals.  Whether performing his own music on a big stage, or playing covers all night at a local bar, the effect this man has is undeniable!

Download The Newest Release's!

Download "You" Today!

"You" is the latest release from The Shane Masters Band! Released on Thanksgiving day 2021, "You" is an acoustic song that features Shane Masters on guitar and vocals! The lyrics come straight from the heart! Written years ago "You" is finally going to get the audience it deserves!


YOU Are The One!

"YOU" was the very first song that I wrote for her. It came from a very deep place. I knew very early that this was Meant To Be!


Unconditional Love!

Unconditional is very special to me because it tells the story of my adult life. The first verse speaks about me and my wife meeting.

Verse two talks about me raising my son and the lessons I learned from it. Finally verse three is when it came full circle and my daughter opened my mind even further!

It's Gonna Be Alright 

It Is Gonna Be Alright

The Message in this song begs to be heard! 

Listen to it here or purchase it above!

"This song is close to my heart but I would rather let you decide what it means for you the listener" 

Shane Masters

Years Flew By

Waiting for years to record Gravel Roads, was exactly what needed to happen it hadn't fully matured yet. Now it's so exciting to see it out there. Gravel Roads can be credited as one of the first songs I ever wrote. 


Perfectly Arranged Is Now Available!

 "The song "Perfectly Arranged" sounds like it's written to an individual but it is not. It's written for all of us! "Everyone says that nobody's perfect I wish I could make them see"

Inspiration for Perfectly Arranged came from many sources, I hope It helps you see, your perfection.  Perfectly Arranged Recently held the # 1 Spot for 4 weeks on the unsigned artists show on 93.7 WRGG FM Green Castle PA, Where Shane also won "2021 Male Artist Of The Year"!

Perfectly Arranged


Meant To Be Is Hitting The Charts

Meant To Be was written In 2001, over twenty years ago for an amazing young woman that Shane is still married to till this day! All these years later it's good to see this song having a positive impact on the world. Meant To Be Is Currently #13 on the Unsigned artist playlist 93.7 Wrgg Greencastle PA! 

Meant To Be

Old Country Held At #1 For TWO WEEKS!

The Smash Hit Old Country is making waves at on the radio finding it's way to #1 on 93.7 WRGG's Indie Artist top 100 best Indie songs! "I hope Old Country hits you like a Mack truck, and makes you get up out of your seat and dance no matter who's watching!" This song has real power, it's going to be around for a very long time!

Its Got Rhythm Its Got Soul Old Country

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Gravel Roads

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